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Music Scholarships for American Students

School districts across the United States often encounter budget gaps caused by state funding cuts and lagging local tax revenue. As a result, many affected school districts faced with potential layoffs of teachers and staff members, elect to cancel classes in music and the arts.  Archangel provides schools in this situation, with funding to make music and art education possible in co-curricular and extra-curricular settings.  Scholarships allow students gifted in music, to attend instructional lessons and multi-day camps, where they can improve their skills and performances.

Recently, Archangel partnered with Cook County School District 130.  The majority of students from the communities of Blue Island, Crestwood, Robbins, and Alsip, Illinois, are racial or ethnic minorities, and 80% come from low-income households.  Archangel funded ten scholarships for students to attend music camp at Eastern Illinois University.  Teachers selectedband and chorus students on the basis of their music proficiency, leadership, and service. The young men and women experienced a week of life on a college campus, and received intense instruction provided by outstanding teachers from Midwestern high schools, colleges, and universities.

Music scholarships like these, allow Archangel’s donors to put a face on their contributions and to track the progress of the students whose educational enrichment the benefactors have provided.  It is direct financial aid to individuals and communities in need – a hallmark of Archangel’s mission.