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Organizing Health Fairs in India and Providing Free Basic Care

In India, although health care is relatively cheaper, poor and rural communities still face extreme challenges accessing quality medical help and health care. Archangel’s focus here is to assemble mobile teams of doctors and nurses who visit such rural communities, conduct health fairs, and provide basic health care directly to those in need. Patients with advanced need for medical help are guided in basic and interim care, and then referred by Archangel personnel to partner medical facilities that serve economically disadvantaged patients.

Archangel’s focus is on educating communities in how to provide basic health care and medical assistance among themselves.  Archangel also partners with larger hospital systems, to join communities in need with health care institutions on an ongoing basis.  The medical personnel who present these health fairs can do so only with the financial support of Archangel donors.  These benefactors can then read about successes of these medical interventions in specific communities.  It is teaching people health care self-reliance – a unique focus in Archangel’s mission.

Orphanages in India

In India, Archangel’s efforts begin even before formal education starts.  Children from extremely impoverished families with no resources, often have to be cared for in orphanages.  Government aid is limited, and assistance from large international aid organizations is rare.  As a result, child abandonment is a serious problem in many Indian communities.

A child who is abandoned turns to the streets for help, and very more often becomes a victim of abuse, or is taken-in by unsavory groups that force the children into begging, theft, or prostitution.  Archangel personnel visit community orphanages, finding the most effective places to fund.  Only orphanages offering the safest environments, quality meals, and comfortable housing receive assistance.  Orphanages funded by Archangel can then devote greater attention to education, developing children’s practical skills, and teaching them the principles of being responsible community members when they grow up.  In this way, Archangel aims to stop the cycle of poverty and child abandonment.

Working with specific orphanages in this way, allows Archangel’s donors to identify a particular institution where their gifts are being applied to specific projects.  Benefactors can see these orphanages and the children they are helping in real time.  It is direct financial aid to community institutions engaged in essential work – the key to Archangel’s mission.